S.M.A Dance Academy  

"Developing dancers one step at a time.""

Dance Curriculum Building, Writing and Implementing Made Easy

Serving Elementary, Middle and High Schools

The overarching goal of dance curriculum is to support, nurture, and inspire the growth of every student as a dancer. Curriculum framework is provided to help educators, supervisors, administrators, increase student achievement in dance. For students to achieve at high levels, districts must develop local curricula, instruction, and assessments that are aligned with the state dance standards. Building a cohesive dance program can seem overwhelming along side of teaching, producing performances and assessments. However, if you want a program where students can develop each year, a strong curriculum framework is important!  

We create and assist dance teachers with building STRESS FREE framework. Curriculum developers base the framework on the needs and wants of the teachers and students: while keeping in mind the dance standards for each state. Dance teachers can then spend their energy and passion; teaching and building relationships with their students and families. As well as creating a dance environment where students have creative freedom, technical knowledge, an exploration of the dance world as well as an appreciation and passion for performing. 

This service is excellent for:

Dance teachers that need assistance with creating a cohesive and age appropriate curriculum framework.

Dance teachers that are inheriting multilevel students in all grade levels.  

Dance teachers that are looking for ways to integrate cross- curricular activities and lessons. 


1. Email via website contact form. Please include your specific needs and school level. 

2. Meeting with administrator and teachers will be discussed and confirmed. 

3. Introduction meeting with dance teachers and/or administrators.

4. Based on your schools needs/wants- recommendations will be made along with an outlined plan.

5. Approval of Curriculum building, writing and implementing plan by administrators. Curriculum schedule will be discussed at this time. 

Dance Curriculum Building, Writing  and Implementing Service Prices

Elementary School                                                      $75 per hour
Middle School                                                              $100 per hour
High School                                                                  $150 per hour