S.M.A Dance Academy  

"Developing dancers one step at a time.""

Dance Fusion Works school initiative programs

Teaching Artist Program

Dance Fusion Works is a dance program that brings dance to Elementary, Middle and High Schools that do not offer dance as an elective.


-To cover basic dance standards in a 10 week session

- Introduce students to various dance styles: Ballet, Jazz, Modern, and African.

-Introduce students to dance performance skills.

-Fill the void of the arts /or enhance them

-Promote Arts Appreciation and services as a creative outlet

-Enriching educational and cultural experience

-Strengthen social and academic skills

Students will: 

  • Demonstrate dance fundamentals and skills with technical, spatial, music, and kinesthetic awareness and performance skills.
  • Perform a group dance that uses variations of dynamics (energy) to reflect the ideas, feelings, images, and meaning of the dance.
  • Remember, perform, reflect and revise choreographed dances.
  • Demonstrates focused, concentration, kinesthetic awareness and the responsibility for one’s role in a dance and the production.
  • Reach the community of Harlem by bringing informative and entertaining dance performances.

Areas of interest:

(Cross curricular subjects and activities will be implemented to enhance the study of dance).

Choreography: Students will learn basic choreography elements- student will be asked to contribute to the choreographic process.

History: Dance choreography will be based of pieces of history (i.e. Harlem renaissance) Students will read articles and have discussions for further connection with dance material.

Anatomy: Students will learn about anatomy as it relates to dance, and the importance of injury prevention.

Selected students will be invited to study under S.M.A Dance Saturday Academy and/or the Pre-Professional Company. 

Students will participate in weekly dance classes, rehearsals and dance history. Students will have performance opportunities in community venues (schools, festivals, senior homes, shelters and hospitals).