S.M.A Dance Academy  

"Developing dancers one step at a time.""

Policies and Procedures

Rules of Conduct Students, parents and staff are expected to be respectful and polite to one another. Any rude or aggressive behavior from students, parents or staff will not be tolerated. Students are expected to act respectfully toward fellow students, visitors and staff members. All members of the community should speak courteously to each other at all times.

Arrivals All visitors (parents/guardians/students) are to enter the main front doors of Harlem Prep and go take the stairs to the second floor.

  1. All visitors (parents/guardians/caregivers) must drop your child off at the theater seating area. Ballet A (10- 10:50), parents your child will sit on the far right side of the theater (when facing the seats). Students are to put ALL their belongings in this area. Students should place dance bags and shoes under one chair and coats should be placed on the back of the chairs. Parents should take any valuable items during drop off (cell phones, money, etc) Students belongings should not be in the lounge area. Parents should report immediately to the lounge waiting area after drop off (during class parents should remain there.) NO EXCEPTIONS!! Restrooms for adults are directly outside the lounge waiting area doors. Students should not be more than 10 minutes late! Late arrivals will be asked to sit out of class.
  1. Students should be in dance attire and prepared (this includes using the restroom) prior to arriving to the theater. Students will have usage to the restroom in Dressing Room B. Parents will not be allowed in this area. Students that need to change will do it in the theater area (Ballet A students will put Hip - Hop clothes over their Ballet attire at their seat). (Ballet B students should wear Ballet attire underneath Hip hop clothes).

Departure: Parents will be allowed in the theater seating area only for those students that have completed their classes. Please leave within the 10 minute transition time allotted so that classes can run on time in an orderly fashion. If you need more time, feel free to use Dressing Room A. Students that participate in more than one class will remain in the theater seating area for the ten minute transition time. At this time, those students can change for their next class, get water (students should bring a water bottle), use the restroom and take a break. Students should not go to the lounge waiting area for any reason.

*If the pick-up person is someone not on your list, we will require that a written note be presented at the beginning of your child’s class with your signature authorizing the non-listed person to pick up.

Attendance and Tardiness -Students are expected to arrive at S.M.A Dance Academy with sufficient time to properly prepare for the start of their dance classes and rehearsals. In the interest of injury prevention, S.M.A Dance Academy reserves the right to bar any student who arrives to class late, from participating in the class other than as an observer seated inside. To minimize absences, parents are urged to take lessons and rehearsals into consideration when scheduling appointments and when planning family vacations. A student will be excused from class or rehearsal only in the case of serious illness or injury or genuine emergency. A student’s absence must promptly be reported to the Artistic director, Stephenni Miller-Allen, 973.965.9544 or via email at [email protected]



Girls: pink footed / or transition tights (these tights covert into footless tights, these may be beneficial for dancers taking Hip– Hop), black leotard- any style (no skirt), pink leather ballet shoes

 Boys: black tights, white t-shirt, black ballet shoes

Hip –Hop

All black (sweatpants, biking shorts, jazz pants, leggings, shorts, tee –shirts, tank tops) Please try to bring an old pair of sneakers for Hip-Hop in your dance bag (sneakers worrn previously on the street can track in dirt on the dance floor). Ballet students are permitted to wear black shorts showing their ballet tights.

*Undergarments should not be visible. Students should not where undergarments under their tights. Students that need to wear undergarments can purchase nude undergarments at any local and online dance apparel stores.

*Students should have their hair pulled back in a bun if possible. Please secure beads and barrettes for safety –there are hair nets available through dance apparel stores. Burettes and/or beads ARE NOT permitted for In House or end of the year performances.

Nail Polish and Jewelry -Absolutely NO jewelry or nail polish will be allowed on performance (informal or formal) days. This includes ALL styles of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. All nail polish must be removed for performance. Students who do not follow these guidelines will not be permitted to perform.

Cell Phone usage- Pictures and videos are prohibited during dance classes, rehearsals and end of the year performances unless otherwise specified by an instructor. Parents may record ONLY during In House performances. You may take pictures of your child AFTER class in the theater seating area. Please be mindful of cell phone conversations during classes, extended phone calls can be made in the hallway area, or in the stairways.

Gum Chewing - There will be no gum chewing allowed at S.M.A Dance Academy located in the Harlem Reparatory Theatre. This includes before, during and after class. This policy will extend to all trips and other outside performances. This policy is in place to ensure an environment where all can take pride in the up-keep and cleanliness of our community.

Withdrawal Policies-The registration and tuition fee is non-refundable. Please supply a written note stating that you are withdrawing your child from S.M.A Dance Academy, including the date and classes/s that your child participated in.

Payment Terms -Tuition is paid on a pay-in-full basis on the 1st Saturday of every month (August –May) or in installments per request. Late Payment- A late fee of $10.00 will be assessed for payments over five business days past due.

Inclement Weather - S.M.A is not responsible for classes canceled as a result of extreme weather conditions or other circumstances beyond our control. Schedule changes due to inclement weather will be posted to the website and sent to parent/guardian cell phone and emails on file.